On this Page, you can:

  1. Download Code Sheets (pdf files illustrating worked examples of Projects found in the Micro:Hub).
  2. Downloads Example Code (jsz files) used in the tutorial and CPD projects.
  3. Access the Micro:bit ‘Virtual Training Environment’ or VTE.
  4. Download useful 3rd party documents we’ve found useful in supporting the BBC Micro:bit.
  5. Access key links to 3rd party websites associated with the Micro:Hub and its Projects.

To access all downloads and the VTE, you will need all of your allocated passwords.

NOTE: Program files will be zipped up to avoid download rejections.  We use the latest ZIPX format.  A ReadMe.txt file will sometimes be included in the zipx file to explain specific details.

Code Sheets

Here is a list of all available Code Sheets that support our Projects.

Example Code

You will find jsz files zipped up here.  They are example files on how we have programmed the Micro:bit for our projects.  To execute the code, you will need to unzip the ZIPX file, compile it on the BBC Micro:bit website and run it on  the hardware described in the Project documentation that we supplied to you.

Access to VTE

vte-welcomeThis is an online resource available to teachers and associates that have registered to attend the Micro:Hub training and teaching programmes.  It is available 24/7 and contains a wealth of useful information, projects and tutorials.

Just click over the image and login.

Useful Document Downloads

Useful links

BBC Micro:bit website

CPC Farnell component supplier

Preston’s College main website