For Schools

Our market research indicates that there are challenges for teachers in adopting new technology to teach in their curriculum, or use in extra-curricular activities.

The Solution

microbit-1There is a solution to boosting a school’s STEM strategy by adopting the use of the BBC Micro:bit computer.  The Micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codable computer that allows children to get creative with technology.  It can impact all areas of STEM – from environmental biotech through software and physical design to big-data analytics.

We don’t expect all schools to employ computer science postgraduates or professional electronic engineers to make use of the Micro:bit.  Whole careers are made out of each of these skills, however a good base knowledge and positive team effort is necessary to understand the technology.

That’s where the Micro:Hub comes in.

bulbideaAt Micro:Hub sessions, we introduce both teachers and pupils to the Micro:bit, its applications and its use in highly innovative ways.  Professional experts are on hand to guide you though the methods of coding and the intricacies of electronics toward the final application.

We take a holistic and modular approach to our learning methods which are backed up by a wide range of demonstrator applications.

The result is a portfolio of teaching and project material that can quickly and easily be integrated into a schools STEM curriculum to help learners gain a wider appreciation of digital technologies and coding of computers.

Innovation Outcomes

Highly creative outcomes can be gained through a wider appreciation of how digital technologies can benefit not only the school, teacher or pupil, but ultimately the UK from the introduction of a new generation of skilled technologists.  We aim to be part of that process.