Micro:Hub Sessions for schools

img_1986Micro:Hub sessions for schools are a great opportunity for pupils, teachers and support staff to get up and running with the BBC Micro:bit computer.

You have access to professionals who introduce you to the concepts before helping you understand how to both code and put hardware systems together.

crawler-iiAdded to that, you have an opportunity to see some of our latest demonstrators and discuss new ideas and imaginative applications.
Micro:Hub sessions are a launch pad for you to take full advantage of this super device promoted by the BBC, Microsoft, CISCO Systems, the IET and other leading industry innovators.

Here’s what attending pupils say:

We learnt lots and when we struggled, the people helped us.  Thanks this was an amazing opportunity.” Anon.

I personally think I learned a lot from today’s session.  Block computing is similar to ‘scratch’ so it was familiar to me.” C.C.

img_1985-700It was very fun. It was interesting and educational for people who are new with this and people who are not.  It explains how automatic toys are made.  After everyone has learnt the basics, make it a bit harder, like making the LED flash different colours.” Anon.

Talks were short and sweet, good for beginners, great ideas.” Anon.

I have learnt how to program using the micro:bit and control things.  We could try to program things ourselves, like robots and turret that can shoot using a controller.” Z.B.

We learnt the basics of coding and that everything in coding needs to be correct for it to work.” Anon.

img_1987-700I learnt the basics of programming the micro:bit and learnt about the software and hardware.” Anon.

I found the Micro:bit fun and easy to control and learnt how to program LED lights.  I also liked to see other ideas that were made like the crane and tank that could be controlled by a Micro:bit.” M.W.

We learned a lot and had a lot of guidance when it was needed.  As well as this, nothing was too hard but it was easy as we were constantly checking our sheets.  Thanks this was an amazing opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed!” E.M.